For Healthcare Service Providers

We help you get paid top dollar faster, avoiding the need for collections and expensive lawsuits. We are RN's and Legal Nurse Consultants who know how to navigate the insurance system to GET YOU PAID.  Insurance companies have the time to give you the runaround in order to avoid paying you what is rightfully yours. Let us handle the insurance up front before you become a collection statistic.  In the end, you will have happier customers because they had someone fighting for them to get their bill PAID. Happy clients means increased compliance when paying the balance.


Have you had an emergency hospitalization, or even a planned surgery and your bills are a lot more than you expected and you can't pay them?  Talk to us first. We will fight the insurance company for you so you don't have to declare bankruptcy or go into debt ruining your credit. Your priority is to get well, not to have additional stress from bills that you can't pay, And you don't need a lawyer.

Legal Nurse Consulting

Are you a law firm who specializes in medical compensation or injuries? We can help reduce client medical bills which will protect your settlement.

Free Consultations

How would you  feel if your healthcare bills were all paid? We are caring and friendly professionals who want to support you. A phone call to us will give you that financial freedom.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Call is Free, the advice is free and you don't pay unless we save!


FAQ's are coming your way. Until then, email us with any questions you may have.