These are real customers that HCAN helped



“I had an emergency hospitalization and almost died. After making it through that, I thought I had a new lease on life until I saw the bills that were stacking up. That kind of stress put me back on track for re-admission. I cannot say enough about the excitement I felt when Healthcare Advocate Network, using their system, saved me from having to declare bankruptcy . With their simple process, they sorted out my bills, and got back to me with the news that they saved me $47,000! Thank you Healthcare Advocate Network! It’s a MUST to have your healthcare bills evaluated by these professionals.”


WOW! They really came through for us. THEY SAVED ME $4000! - Debbie

"The Healthcare Advocate System helped me not only to save money, but to also saved me the stress of having a 

major hospital bill hanging over my head after my daughters scheduled knee surgery and rehabilitation. They really cared about ME and my daughter. I don’t know how they did it,  but what I do know is they took care of it .”


I Just had a baby and didn't need extra bills - Thane

"I'm a business owner and I'm used to getting my own way.  When it came to dealing with my health insurance company after my daughter was born  I was at a loss and wasn't getting anywhere with them.  They gave me the run-around and I didn't know how to communicate with them. I went to HCAN and they solved my issue in 35 days. The bills I had totaling $2000 were now at ZERO dollars. Don't stress yourself trying to solve this yourself.  HCAN can take care of it for you. "


Current Client who is a Medical Doctor baffled by the insurance system

His Story is a work in progress that HCAN is happy to help! We have already saved him $28,000!


HCAN expose´ on the Mike Koenigs Show